Whats the difference between v-rocker and flying v for snowboards?

  1. I tried v-rocker but i heard flying v is better. Which one should i buy? And am pretty good i’ve been riding for 8 years now.

    Answer by AznGuy
    It actually depends on what you want to do. Do you want to ride in the park and jig? If so, go for the v-rocker. If you want to carve up groomed runs, then go with the flying v. The difference is the shape of the bottom of the board. The v-rocker is just a reverse camber board, meaning the it’s curved like a smile, making it easier to jig. the flying-v is reverse camber in the middle, but cambered on the front and back ends, making the board grab the snow for better turns when you’re going all-mountain.

  2. Its a device where you connect multiple A/V cables and then you can just push a button to switch from one to the other.

    Answer by TV guy
    It is called an a/v switch, although many AV receivers can do the same function as well.

  3. What is a good, clear way of demonstrating in the classroom why it relatively expensive, in terms of delta-v, to change orbital inclination. (For simplicity’s sake, let’s make both orbits circular and have the same radius.) A bicycle wheel comes to mind, but tipping it one way or the other as the wheel spins does not immediately impress on you, as one scales it up in their imagination, the delta-v required for delta-i.

    Answer by Richard M
    I was interested in this question and its answer..Could it be that this video (or its neighbors at Youtube)
    would solve this illustration problem..There are several. The first is…………….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QRfkG7jOfY. This video is entitled “Aerodynamic Design History of the Space Orbital Shuttle”..It is an MIT video…..(subtitled “from sub- to hypersonic and back”)

    Good luck…………..

  4. I own 1 unisex deep v and 1 unisex regular v-neck. I know that the regular v-neck runs slightly bigger than the deep, but how do they compare to the regular t-shirts as far as fit? I wear an xs in both v-necks for reference.


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    Answer by Benjamin
    The fit of most of the crew necks (2001, BB401, TR401, 6401) is closer to the regular v neck (2456)

    Go with XS in unisex styles and a S in womens.

  5. I thought that the Spanish v sounded like our b as in best, buddy, ball…. But when listening to Spanish speaking people they seem to pronounce it as v in have…

    When pronouncing it, is it por favor or por fabor?
    When do you pronounce v as b and when do you pronounce it as v?

    Answer by Daniuz
    You pronounce it like a regular “V”. Por faVor.

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